August 16, 2007


In the approximate style of the old World of Warcraft nonsense, a walkthrough of sorts for Morrowind is now available.  Long-time Ultima fans may recognise the influence of Doug the Eagle, who is undoubtedly better at this sort of thing than I am.


Minicon 2007

February 26, 2007


Photos from AASoc's 2007 Minicon are up.  Should be considered Not Safe For Eyes.


Not dead yet

February 16, 2007


Sorry, I know you were all hoping for it, but I'm still making occasional changes to the code, and minor edits to the existing content.  Very little new content going in, though.


It appears that somebody managed to find the site through a search engine (evidently looking for obscure WoW information), so among other minor changes, email addresses are now supported.  I like to be kept informed if people think this crap's useful, or in the case of something as blatantly misleading as WoW for teh n00b, completely useless.


IE fixes

December 3, 2006


The popup menus should now work with IE, provided Javascript is enabled.  Or at least, they're functional.  IE's typically broken CSS model means I had to put some dirty hacks into the stylesheet, and it's still not quite right (and will also break on any non-IE browser that doesn't support CSS 2).  Opera has some interesting rendering "features" as well, but nothing quite as bad.


The tags that implement the menus in pure CSS are still there, so they'll also still work correctly on Mozilla-based browsers with Javascript disabled.


Bug fix number 1

December 1, 2006


A whole two days later, and I've fixed a load of the issues that came to light when uploading to the new server, including a couple that were probably caused by moving to the new server.


There's one very strange bug that I don't understand - it's another of the "fatal error on Tsohea but works perfectly at home" variety.  As that functionality isn't really needed anyway, I've taken the code out.  There's also one (known) remaining bug that I haven't bothered to fix yet.


Otherwise, things are up and running.



November 29, 2006


After a very long time (probably around three years) and a few aborted attempts, I've finally rewritten the whole site from scratch, and spent an afternoon getting it to work on the Lunarpages server.  Note that what works perfectly on my development system generally doesn't work at all anywhere else.


As a result, all previous content is mysteriously missing (read: sitting in some backup files on my laptop) until I rewrite it.  Conveniently, that gives me an excuse to retire some of the old stuff.


Predictably, all sorts of bugs that didn't turn up in testing are materialising as soon as it's on a public server.  Minor adjustments and fixes are likely to take some time.

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