4 September, 2016

Reprocessed all the photographs with a new, more intrusive watermark, since I've moved from Aperture to Darktable for raw processing. Don't all thank me at once.



6 November, 2011

Major reworking of site layout and structure.



15 September, 2011

Added photos of fireworks from a few events over the last couple of years.


Knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery

4 December, 2010


Added a whole load of photos of some of my creations over the last decade or so.


Yet more photos from Norway

19 July, 2010


Added photos from this summer's visit to Norway. This is the first set of photos taken entirely with the new 7D. Also switched the page theme to one with vertical menus, since the horizontal ones weren't wide enough for the ever-increasing number of pages.


Everyone's a critic

31 March, 2010


Having spent a month or two playing with one, I've added a general write-up of my experiences with the FLM CB38FT ballhead, and some rambling about ballheads in general. Enjoy.


More content

2 March, 2010


Added some more photos at Mareile's request, and a new article about a search algorithm (and associated data structure) I developed a couple of years ago for dealing with view distance in 3D game engines. It was never actually incorporated into anything substantial, so I'm putting it online instead.


Minor tweaks

26 February, 2010


It turns out that ShutterBug's default HTML output is not the most standard in the world (call me old-fashioned, but I don't consider one <p> tag per line to be good quality code), but there's an option to change that. The result isn't quite ideal, but might have a better chance of working sensibly on the iPhone. Otherwise, I've made some minor tweaks, including changing the home page to something marginally more useful.


Bringing the site back to life

24 February, 2010


This sort of thing is always fun. My web host changed their MySQL configuration in a minor way, over two years ago, which broke the particular version of Ruby on Rails that hosted the site at the time. I subsequently looked into what was wrong, but couldn't find an easy solution other than changing the configuration back (which would have broken whatever they were trying to fix in the first place). Apathy and the stress of writing a PhD thesis meant that I never got any further, or even bothered to contact support. Oddly enough, I kept paying for hosting instead of taking the domain (and hence email address) elsewhere.


Since then I've moved on, my interests have changed, and I'm rather less inclined to muck about with web programming. So instead, I'm resurrecting as much content as this particular HTML editor will allow easily and consigning the rest to oblivion. Thankfully I had the foresight to implement page caching in the old scripts, which means I don't have to go through the painful process of extracting (and then decoding) content from a MySQL backup.


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